Red Light and Stop Sign Tickets in Richmond Virginia

When an individual is caught with a red light ticket in Virginia, he will be charged with a fine and get demerit points on his driving records. The following will give you an overview of what is prohibited and what will the consequences be if the individual is caught and convicted.

1- Coming to a halt

Individuals approaching a stop sign or a red light are eventually supposed to come to a complete stop before reaching the crosswalk or the zebra crossing. The individual should stop before entering the marked line itself.

2- The Right-On-Red Rule

Under Virginia code of law, there is a law that restricts the drivers from taking a right turn after they stop at a red light, until and unless there is no sign that indicates them not to take the turn. Nevertheless, drivers are required to be careful and keep an eye on the road so they do not disturb other passengers.

3- What does an Amber or Yellow light mean?

The meaning of a yellow light, in Virginia, is that a change is about to be made in the direction of the light and the moving traffic. Traffic that has not entered the intersection should beware of going ahead and stop if there is not enough safety. Traffic already running on the intersection should continue moving so that no distortion is caused.

4- Rules for bikes, motorcycles and Mopeds

Some signals have sensors that sense the presence of motorists waiting near the light, which trigger signals, in order to switch but only when a vehicle is sensed. Although, because motorcycles and bikes are smaller, they are often not detected by these sensors. Therefore, Virginia Law allows an individual to pass through a red light if they abide by the following:

1- Coming to a complete halt.

2- Waiting for the shorter of two complete cycles or for two minutes

3- One should exercise the due care and proceed when it is safe to do so

4- Treating the signal as a stop sign

5- Allowing and giving the right of way to other people and vehicles that may be passing by the intersection.

5- Red Light Cameras

Under Virginia Law, it is allowed for red light cameras to catch the red light violators, those at intersections. The owner of the vehicle is required to pay the ticket. If the individual provides a police report that is properly certified, he can establish his own defense by filing a proclamation on his behalf if he was not driving his vehicle when the traffic signal was violated or in case, the vehicle was stolen.

The fines are at a maximum of $50 for the violation and the red light camera citation. The signal violation tickets do not go in the individuals driving record and does not affect insurance rates.

6- Points and fines for the violations

An individual is convicted with a penalty of around $350 for breaking a red light traffic law. The maximum amount of a fine for a stop sign is $250. Motorists are fined $101 for a red light violation and $88 for breaking a stop sign.