Prince William County Child Custody

Custody disputes or visits can be stressful and emotional. Sometimes parents will try to influence court decisions by portraying the other as unfit to care for the child. Sometimes there seems to be no solution that satisfies both parents. When deciding on custody, the state gives preference to the mother and father.

A good understanding of custody and maintenance can help to ensure that the rights of both parents are respected and the best interests of the child are protected. Use your legal knowledge to work as a resident of Prince William County, VA, and make sure you get a favorable outcome for your clients.

Generally, courts in Virginia have jurisdiction when a child has a significant connection to the state of Virginia with at least one of the parents and the child lives with them. In cases where family courts in Virginia do not have that jurisdiction, a Virginia court is responsible for the maintenance of children who have lived with both parents for six months. If you stay, you can be sure that your children will be represented by a dedicated lawyer who will be at your side. The Commonwealth of Virginia has adopted a policy of establishing a common-law standard for its family court decision on custody claims.

There are a number of exceptions to the UCCJEA. Family courts in Virginia behave as if they have jurisdiction in all custody cases. If you have a question about the jurisdiction of the family courts in Virginia, it is important to talk to an expert custody attorney.

Changing an existing custody arrangement can be complicated. Sometimes parents demand changes in order to get revenge. If you have to apply for an amendment to an existing custody order and the other parent of your child applies for it, even if you do not think it is fair, you can help protect the best interests of your children. If there is a reasonable belief that it is not in the best interests of the child for the guardian to retain custody, this may include a parent moving out of the state.

This may mean that in the event of a change of custody, such as the death of a parent, illness or injury to a child, the child’s career is unable to provide adequate care. In this situation, you may have to take custody of your child yourself. When the court grants custody to someone who is not the parents of the children, they must have a reasonable belief that this would be best for their children.

While it can be a custody battle for a non-parent, an experienced family lawyer can make the process less daunting. After serving clients in Prince William County, including Prince George’s, Fairfax, Loudoun, Montgomery and Prince Georges County, Sris’s custody attorneys are dedicated to working for families. Call us at (888) 437-7747 and arrange an initial consultation.