Attempted Capital Murder Sentence in VA

Many people ask about attempted capital murder sentence in VA, when they are charged with capital murder. They should first know about attempted capital murder, what will be the outcomes of this conviction, etc. The law of Virginia provides the basic guidelines about this crime. Attempted capital murder, along with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter are charged with felonies. Capital murder is charged under class 2 felony. It encompasses specific circumstances that surround the murder deemed one of the most heinous felonies one can commit in Virginia. A person can be charged with attempted capital murder sentence in VA if he or she is involved in the following offenses:

  • Killing of a person during abduction or kidnapping
  • Hiring a person to kill another person, and the person is successfully killed
  • Killing a person who is a prisoner, or in the custody of an employee of state or local correctional facility
  • Killing someone during a robbery or while attempting to rob someone
  • Killing a person during or after rape, forcible sodomy, sexual penetration of object, or attempt of any of these sexual crimes
  • A person can also be charged with attempted capital murder sentence in VA, if he/she kills a law enforcement officer or killing an officer to stop them from performing the official duties
  • Killing more than one person as part of the same act
  • If the person is involved in the killing of more than two people within a period of three year
  • Killing an individual during a drug related offense which involves Schedule I and II narcotics
  • Killing a pregnant woman with the intend to kill the unborn child
  • Killing a witness in a criminal case to restrict the witness to perform any of the duties that they can serve as a witness.

There are several other offenses through which a person can be guilty of attempted capital murder sentence in VA.

A person who is found guilty of capital murder can be charged with serious penalties. There are certain variations in the penalties that are charged on the accused. These variations depend on the intensity of the crime committed and the age of the accused. If a person is at least 18 years old and is mentally fit than he/she can be charged with felony and can be sentenced for life imprisonment or even death, with possible fine of up to $100,000. If the accused is under 18 years old and is mentally retarded than the possible penalties that can be charged are life imprisonment and potential fine of up to $100,000.

Capital murder charges are extremely serious and can negatively affect the life of the accused. The future opportunities of the individual are also adversely affected due to these charges. A person who is charged with capital murder should consult with a defense attorney. These attorneys can help to build a thorough defense process against the charges. They legally assist their clients by exploring the plea bargain options. They can help to reduce or even dismiss the attempted capital murder sentence in VA, as they have the complete knowledge of the laws and regulations of the state.