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A person in Maryland who intentionally and deliberately exposes a portion or portions of his/her private body parts, i.e. their genitalia, in an environment where such an exposure is likely to be considered a violation of the prevalent standards of decency may be charged with indecent exposure. In Maryland, an act of indecent exposure to a minor is charged as a felony.

Maryland Indecent Exposure Law Criminal Defense Lawyer Anne Arundel
Maryland Indecent Exposure Law Criminal Defense Lawyer Anne Arundel

Generally, to be charged with indecent exposure, the law requires the indecent exposure to happen in a public place. However, a person can be on private property such as their deck or porch and if they expose a portion or portions of their body that is considered indecent, they may still be charged with indecent exposure. Some of the different types of acts that can result in indecent exposure charges are masturbation, or exhibitionism in a public place.

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